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Blooming Onion (eBook)

Blooming Onion (eBook)


Blooming Onion: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Discovery is designed to allow for personal development. The contents of this book are revolved around setting a positive mindset and the use of affirmations to ensure self-improvement. The structure of this book is self-help, designed for reflecting, questioning, and completing self-assessments.

Use this book to answer these questions and more! "Who am I? What is my purpose in life? How much do I know about myself? How can I establish a better mindset? How much self-confidence do I have? What makes me happy? How can I make money doing what I love? How can I build a spiritual relationship? What can I do to help myself succeed? What do I believe in? What have I been doing wrong? How much do I believe in myself? Am I truly healthy? What can I change in my lifestyle? How can I surround myself with better people?"

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