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4 Ways to Find God

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened." (Matthew 7:7-8)

Throughout the 2020 pandemic, many of us had to wonder where to turn to, and many of us have faced so much loss and hurt that we find it hard to believe in anything anymore. Additionally, this time has allowed for self-reflection and an opportunity to go on a personal journey to better ourselves. However, we might be missing the key to finding Faith, whether it is Christianity or not. The answer to 'how to find God' is a simple four-step process that will lead from searching, following actions, changing your life, and growing exponentially.

1. Seek Him

"How to find God without religion?"

The first step and the key to finding God is actively searching. You must constantly be willing to learn and communicate with God to receive full understanding. You can go about the process of seeking God in various ways. For example, trying out different places of worship, researching online, and absorbing the great book's text for yourself. Finding God is not difficult in today's time with all of the many resources available to test out your beliefs. Although many things can guide you on your journey in seeking God, ultimately, it is a feeling of spirituality that you should receive then, you know what you are following is right. The solution to finding God without a religious background is to understand various perspectives and be open to concepts of the faith. The most important thing to remember is not to give up, keep seeking, and you will find.

2. Follow Him

"How do I find God if I don't believe in the Faith?"

After learning about God and all the faith has to offer, continue to practice Godly actions. This is the only way to truly learn the ways of the Lord and apply it to your life. The most important way to test learned knowledge is through a person's actions. When seeking God, notes should be taken on the righteous ways of living required through a person of faith. This means justifying these actions into your life. Once you find a faithful practice that you believe in, follow the requirements to the best extent applicable to your life. Practicing faith will become second nature when it is completed constantly. Ultimately, if you are trying to find God but are hesitant of the contents presented in faith, find a way to connect to important practices spiritually that you believe in and follow them. A spiritual connection is important in everyday life, so it is essential to your personal development.

3. Change your Attitude

"How do I find God in my life?"

The next step in finding God is to change your attitude and apply God's commandments to your life. Faith is the final step to the four pillars of destiny because changing your attitude allows you to know yourself and others better; therefore, you can apply God to these ideals. You can apply God in your life through various forms of research, prayer, and self-love. For example, share your problems, blessings, and ideals with God, and he will guide you on how to work them through your path in life. The solution to finding God in your life is to connect the ideas you've established when researching the faith and implementing them throughout your daily actions. Continue to change your attitude into a more positive approach for better results on adapting the faith into your life.

4. Grow Spiritually

"How do I find God again?"

The last step requires you to pray and meditate to work on the relationship you have established with God in the other previous steps. You may not have needed the other steps to establish a relationship with God because you may have already had one. However, you may be in a situation where you lost connection and are trying to grow spiritually again. This is normal during times like these with the coronavirus pandemic and hopelessness during uncertain situations. To fulfill this requirement, you can find any form of worship that best works for you. No matter the situation, God will always forgive you and love you so, build the best relationship you can with Him for your personal growth!

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