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Advantages of Virtual Learning (Zoom University)

In a nation of uncertainty, panic, and division, many cities decided it would be best for students to virtually attend public, private, and college universities. Many are left wondering, "what is the importance of virtual learning?" "what are the benefits of virtual learning for elementary students?". This has left many students and parents concerned because we have never been through this situation before; however, virtual learning has many advantages.


One of the most important advantages of virtual learning is safety for children, parents, and educators. During a time of confusion, it can be challenging to miss out on normal school activities; however, it is crucial to remember that the COVID-19 pandemic includes a serious virus that can result in long lasting effects or death.

Less social anxiety:

When most people think of the transition of education from in-person to virtual learning, they focus on social interaction loss. However, we forget that some students and teachers suffer from social anxiety. In a world of social media, bullies, harassment, and cliques, it is tough to become someone who thinks for themselves and discover your identity. Take this time away from people to improve your self-relationship and focus on your studies.

More sleep:

We all love to sleep and would probably rather sleep much more than we do now. Therefore, take this amazing opportunity to nap before your next class potentially! We've missed naps since kindergarten, and it just so happened a national pandemic caused virtual learning but allowed us to have naps again.


Although time management may be difficult for some people, take this time to make your education work for you. The traditional approach to time management may not have worked for you in the past, so allow this time away from outside stress to agree to get organized and accomplish work the way you want to.

Lowered stakes:

Lowered stakes are not necessarily applicable to every situation; however, most teachers and professors understand we are all going through a difficult time and have incorporated a less harsh grading period. Lowered stakes are advantageous because they allow students and teachers to focus more on the curriculum and less pressure on grades.


Cost may not affect you in a grade-level public school; however, many college universities offer lower prices for the semester without room and board included for virtual students. This is essential as many universities are very costly.

If you are interested in hearing about virtual learning cons, read the Disadvantages of Virtual Learning.

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