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Dealing with Family During the Holidays

For some, the holidays are a joyous time that includes laughter, food, and good memories with family. Some of us have an amazing time with family, but there may be a few topics and people that end up triggering the mood. Therefore, others may experience a holiday season that may not be as joyous. With an ongoing coronavirus pandemic and difficult familial situations, some are dreading this holiday season. Understanding the answers to 'why I hate holidays with family' and 'how to avoiding family during the holidays' is important for making the most of the holiday season for your own self-development.

Understanding different perspectives

2020 has been a hard season of the national divide; this includes politics, race, gender, and basic opinions various beliefs. This means the holiday season will be a time of encountering family members with slightly different views, especially the younger and older generations. The first tip is to understand various perspectives is by hearing what others have to say but ultimately standing your ground on your values and not letting others affect your holiday season. Go into the holiday celebration with an open mind, which will lead to less stress for yourself.

Approach the holidays realistically

"Why aren't you married yet?" "How is your divorce going?" "How are your grades?" "When are you having a baby?"... These are the dreaded questions that are inevitable when meeting with family again. Most people understand their family dynamic; therefore, they expect various actions and comments from certain family members. This may be a comment on beliefs, comments on jobs, comments on not being married yet, and much more. Keeping this in mind, it is important to go into the holiday season with expectations of reality. Understand that you will be receiving these comments, so mentally prepare yourself and try not to let it affect you because you can not change people.

Remember the important things.

The ultimate motivational factor to surviving the holidays with a potentially dysfunctional family group is remembering what you are doing this for. Everyone's situation is different; therefore, you may be trying to handle your family, children, spouse, siblings, etc. Remember that this time is not about you; it is about making special memories for everyone involved, so try to take your feelings out of the equation if possible, and do this for others.

Become a meditator

As the last result, you may not want to get involved in domestic affairs, or you may want to get through the family function peacefully. However, it is important to stand your ground and become a meditator if possible. Becoming a meditator may be hard if you have never experienced this before. Still, work to become confident in your statements reacted with empathy, and respond to problems with an open perspective. Remind everyone to put their problems aside, be grateful, and make the valuable memories that everyone's needs during this hectic holiday season.

Be grateful

It is almost impossible during a year like this not to think about the losses, the money, the social distancing, and the sickness; however, you must think about being grateful. This may be the hardest or the easiest thing for you to remind yourself of during difficult holiday functions. It may be hard to remember all you have to be grateful for after a year full of disappointment. On the other hand, it may be easy to remember your blessings as you are surrounded by the ones you love, safe, and sound. Whatever the situation may be, stay grateful even for the dysfunctionality. Constantly remind yourself that your spirit can not be and will not be broken; you will get through this!

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