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Holiday Gifts for Students

Looking for last-minute holiday gifts? Try helping students you know achieve their educational goals by giving them some inexpensive essentials for success. Please note that every gift below is something that I purchased myself and have owned throughout my first semester in college. These essentials are beneficial and unique. I wasn't sure many of these items would be that useful at first; however, I find myself using these things daily. Many students have struggled this year and are adjusting to remote learning. It is challenging for students to find happiness in the loss of in-person education and social interaction, so see the gifts below for some fun aids to get these students through this time. Give the gifts that every student needs!

Disclosure: JourneyforGrowth only recommends products we would use ourselves. This post does include affiliate links at no cost to you; however, we may earn a small commission.

Phone Stand

I have found this phone to stand to be extremely helpful when working throughout the school year. It is a very inexpensive tool that can be used when on Zoom, FaceTime, or even a temporary spot to place your phone for music or videos while working at a desk. Find this phone stand at amazon ( for a very reasonable price and gift a student you know with a beneficial tool.


Some may think that a phone case is not essential when it comes to a student's education. However, we must accept that this generation is driven by mobile technology. Therefore, it is only right to have the proper protection for that crucial piece of equipment. I highly recommend case-mate phone cases. I have been swearing by this brand for almost 5 years now. I have not experienced a single crack on my phone while in case-mate protection, and my phone dropped from a balcony once...I think it's safe to say that case-mate provides high-end quality, and Amazon allows for access to this for a reasonable price. Check out this phone case here:

Blue Light Glasses

At first, I was a little skeptical about blue light glasses as there are many uncertainties about them. However, I always wore my glasses, and I switched over to contacts, but I also had chronic dry eyes. Therefore, I knew I needed something to protect my eyes from the harsh light from my phone, tablet, laptop, and tv for hours a day. These glasses from amazon worked perfectly for me, and I loved being able to switch up my looks while also being able to protect my eyesight at the same time! See this link,, for a reasonable pack of your very own blue light glasses.

Stylus Pens For Touch Screens

I never thought a stylus would be so useful in my educational years. Personally, I always imagined that stylus' was for older generations or very young kids. However, this stylus pen from amazon proved me wrong! This pen is perfect for tablets, phones, and touch screen laptops. I find myself using this for notes, games, and daily tasks. For more information, view amazon

Airpods Case Cover

Finally, an AirPods case cover is essential for students who carry these expensive pieces of headphones! Gift a student you know with a stylish cover in their favorite color for the holiday season! I promise you; this will be an absolute lifesaver for those who tend to lose things, like myself. View this very inexpensive item here:

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