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How to Have Socially Distant Fun with Friends

Social interaction is a crucial thing for the human species. We thrive off of the ideas of others, intimacy, and human connection. Many people are questioning how to have fun with friends in a safe way and not lose the valuable connections you've worked so hard for. There are three various solutions for fun things to do with friends while quarantining in a pandemic.

1. Virtual Parties

The safest way to maintain contact with close friends and family is definitely through a virtual gathering. Try to arrange virtual watch parties or game nights. It is even recommended to do fun activities often while using technology to your advantage. Create a presentation and present fun things and images to your group of friends while using technology 'screen share'. Get creative and make some socially distant memories!

2. Picnic

An enjoyable option to do with friends is arranging picnics where you can gather at a safe distance to chat and enjoy some food. This includes gathering outdoors at a bonfire or a park on a warm day. You can also arrange virtual picnics or lunch dates to catch up with friends in another safe way. Try and do this often, such as weekly happy hours; this can encourage a continuous connection with the people you love without feeling lonely or so far away from them.

3. Drives

Driving is an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing thing to do in a time where you feel so claustrophobic inside a house. It is recommended to go on frequent drives by yourself to clear your mind; however, you can incorporate driving safely into the list of things to do with friends by driving by their house or drive-in movies or drive-through fast-food restaurants. This is a safe way to see and interact socially with the ones you love while still maintaining distance and breathing your own car air.

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