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Tips for Couples with Cabin Fever

2020 has been the year of testing limits, relationships, friendships, and even self-understanding. Many couples have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic with either being too close to one another constantly or struggling to maintain a relationship at a distance. It is a difficult situation because you are surrounded by someone you love, but you may be bored or have had enough of them. This has left many people questioning and concerned about their relationship's strength and how to cure cabin fever with a loved one. As we prepare for a second possible lockdown, you may be dreading quarantine again; however, follow these simple tips for couples with cabin fever.


The number one cure for being overwhelmed and too close to someone is self-care. People tend to neglect self-care when in a relationship, especially with the added stress of a pandemic. You must remember that self-care is not selfish; it is essential to maintaining and balancing a rough patch in a relationship. Try and find some way to distance from your partner's thoughts and actions without actually leaving. You can do this by building upon yourself while in quarantine and encourage your partner to do so as well. This will lead you both to become better support for one another during these difficult times. There are many simple practices you and your partner can start today to build upon self-care.

  • Journal your feelings: When working on self-care, having an outlet for all the small stuff you're going through will be a beneficial form of communication.

  • Spend time apart: Without completely leaving the relationship, continue to focus on your hobbies and passions by not letting them fall to the waste side.

  • Work on your inner growth: Look within as many of us are struggling internally, especially during this time, so work on your own problems before involving your partner.

Establish a routine

One of the stresses when it comes to being alone with your partner for so long is believing that all the time is couple time. This can leave you feeling smothered and claustrophobic. The solution is to establish a routine where you don't feel constantly committed to one thing. In a relationship, both you and your partner need to set time to accomplish personal goals. A routine does not have to be a set thing every day; however, it is encouraged to communicate with your partner that you need personal space and a certain amount of couple time. Go through this process and come to the conclusion that you both agree on and commit to that routine.

  • Set boundaries: When establishing a routine, you must set boundaries for work time vs. personal time; this will allow for a positive distinction into where couple time is incorporated.

  • Create a schedule: Communicate with your partner and carve out time together that works for both of you. Follow the schedule as it will be beneficial when feeling lonely or smothered.

Get outside

During tough times many things in your life can be hindered when stress takes a toll. For example, your sleep habits, motivation to work out, or interest in doing activities with your partner. This is a normal reaction to uncertainty, anxiety, and stress; however, you can control this response by working towards a goal. The solution to pushing forward during difficult situations is to reach back to nature and get outside! It is encouraging to get some fresh air and enjoy nature as much as you can while continuing to build a connection with your partner for a long-lasting relationship.

  • Walk: Get together and explore your city/neighborhood by discovering new things together.

  • Exercise: Try and release those endorphins by pushing each other to the limits physically. This will be beneficial to you and your partner's personal journey as well.

  • Outdoor activities: Attempt to do any of your favorite activities together outdoors. Arrange for picnics, sports, cloud watching, or even outdoor painting. Simply getting out in the fresh air will work wonders for your relationship.

Keep it fun

When our surroundings are dark, fun is the last thing on our minds; however, spontaneity is essential for maintaining your healthy relationship. During a stressful and daunting time, try and keep the relationship fun and a little light-hearted when it comes to certain situations. You and your partner may be going through a difficult time, but keeping activities exciting will help guide the relationship positively. The solution to keeping things fun and easy is to think outside the box and create something different that you and your partner will enjoy.

  • Plan events: Get creative with date nights and various activities to do together as a couple.

  • Craft: Try and get into crafts and fun DIY projects together to build connections and communicate with each other.

  • Commit to something new: Try to learn something new together or try a hobby that the other person enjoys.

  • Escape technology: Try and escape the world together by committing to a few hours or a day of no technology. Be grateful for the quality time and enjoy pure, unfiltered communication.

Keep a positive attitude

When struggling with cabin fever during a pandemic, the most important thing is to remember to keep a positive attitude. Keeping a positive attitude can be hard when surrounded by illness, death, anxiety, depression, and various feelings toward your partner. However, whenever you have difficulties with something, try to remain grateful for this time you have with your partner and be thankful for the small arguments. This is a normal situation for a couple. Ulimately, remind yourself that if both of you can get through this pandemic, you have gotten through the most difficult year most people have ever faced.

  • Write down your blessings: Start maintaining a positive attitude by documenting something you are grateful for or appreciate about being with your partner. Try to accomplish this small task every day, and to take it a step further, you and your partner can share them with each other or not.

  • Look forward to something: The key to staying positive is remembering that this situation is only a temporary setback, so create something you and your partner can look forward to when the pandemic is over. This will help both of you to stay positive during the hard times.

Keep the kids occupied

If you are in a situation where you are finding it extra difficult to maintain closeness with your partner because of children, try and find a way to keep the kids occupied together. Collaboration is key when trying to manage a situation so make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to communication. The solution to keeping the kids occupied is understanding the circumstances that are affecting their development, so provide empathy and create opportunities for growth while in quarantine.

  • Schedule babysitting times: Arrange a schedule where you and your partner can switch off watching the children. When scheduling babysitting times, remember to make them equal as you both need time to accomplish things.

  • Arrange fun activities: When arranging thoughtful activities, get creative with various things to occupy the kids.

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